Weekly News for 

the May 21-24


There will be no school on Friday, May 25 and Monday, May 28, 

due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Enjoy the four day weekend!

Social Studies - Chapter test on Wednesday, May 23 (both homerooms)

Social Studies - thirty word vocabulary test on Tuesday, May 29 (both homerooms)

May Virtue:
  • Acting in a way that inspires confidence and trust; being reliable

  • Finishing a job or task well
  • Delivering an important message to someone
  • Turning homework in on time
  • Knowing when to be silent; not gossiping about someone
  • Telling the truth

  • I finished the job that you asked me to do.
  • You can depend on me. You can rely on me.
  • I turned my homework in on time.
  • Let’s not talk about him or her in that way.
  • I told the truth about breaking the plate.

Our spelling words are on Spelling City! Just go to this link to get some practice before Friday's test.  
(Click on Search, then click on Teacher/Parent, type cacciaioli in the space before the search box and click the search button.  It will then say "Carolyn Acciaioli". Click on the name, and the lists will come up.  Be sure you are studying the correct list!)

Go to www.blestarewe.com for help studying for the Religion tests. Just find and click on the chapter we are on, and there will be a practice test for you to do.

Download the Shoparoo app to earn money for our school!

**Please see the individual homeroom pages for information from your child's homeroom teacher.**






Looking Ahead

The next two weeks will be a short weeks! 

We will not have school on Friday, May 25 or on Monday, May 28.

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