Mrs. Sowatsky's

Homeroom Notes

May 21-24

Spelling - test 5-4 on Monday, May 21

Reading - test 5-4 on Tuesday, May 22

Social Studies  - chapter test on Wednesday, May 23

Social Studies - thirty word vocabulary test on 

Tuesday, May 29 (both homerooms)

The entire class is now reading Where the Red Fern Grows

Please be sure that your child is keeping up with the reading requirements and vocabulary. 

  • We will have group sharing on Wednesday, May 23, when we will review using summaries from chapters 18-20. 
  • Summaries are due for chapters 18-20 on Wednesday, May 23. 
  • Vocabulary Sketches are due on Wednesday, May 23. 
  • The test on chapters 15-20 will be on Wednesday, May 23.                          

***Go to the Blest Are We website to find some studying help in religion. ( Just click on the chapter we are on, and there will be a practice test.


Math -
Practice your multiplication and division facts.  The sharper you are in these facts, the easier your math homework and classwork will be.

Let's get into reading!  Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night. 

May Birthdays

7 ~ Brady

8 ~ Mrs. Sowatsky

13 ~ Veronica

19 ~ Jack

29 ~ Lucas

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