Mrs. Sowatsky's

Homeroom Notes

June 3-7

Family Life - Open-book test on Tuesday, June 4. (both homerooms)

The end of the year field trip to 

LeFevre Family Bowl

will be on Wednesday, June 5. 

Parents drivers should report to school at 9:15.

We will return to NCCE by 11:45. 

We will walk to Berberovich Park for a 

picnic in the afternoon. 

Students may bring outdoor toys to the park (Frizbees,

baseball mitts, kick balls, etc.)

Students must bring a cold lunch and drink

 on Wednesday for our picnic.

We will be cleaning our lockers and desks on Thursday, June 6.

Students must bring at least one rag to school.

June 7 will be the last day of school!

Dismissal will be after 10:00 Mass.

Join us at church!

***Go to the Blest Are We website to find some studying help in

 religion. ( Just click on the chapter we are on,

 and there will be a practice test.        

Math -
Practice your multiplication and division facts.  The sharper you are in these facts, the easier your math homework and classwork will be.

Let's get into reading!  Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night. 

June Birthdays

12 ~ Macey

July Birthdays

14 ~ Conrad

14 ~ Cecilia

20 ~ Joaquin

28 ~ Maddie

28 ~ Riley

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